About the Festival

Our Mission is Love

We believe that yoga, mindfulness and music are tools for raising the vibration of love in our body, breath and brain as well as our community and in the world.

The Newtown Yoga Festival was formed as a holistic solution for anyone and everyone through the transformative wisdom and practice of yoga.  It is our way to honor lives lost, celebrate the strength and resilience of human-kind and offer healing with a compassionate practice and conversation on peace.

The festival has been designed to promote positive well-being, health and community.  Yoga, by promoting movement and mindfulness, has been proven effective in reducing stress and depression and is a valuable mechanism for coping with physical and emotional trauma.  The Newtown Yoga Festival honors this ideal.

The Newtown Yoga Festival is honored to be a part of The Avielle Foundation’s Brainstorm Experience.

The Avielle Foundation, a local non-profit, was started by the parents of Avielle Richman who was one of the twenty first graders killed in the 2012 Sand Hook Elementary School Shootings.

The mission of The Avielle Foundation is to prevent violence and build compassion in communities by fostering brain science research, community engagement and education.

The Brainstorm Experience is the local Newtown, CT efforts of the foundation.  Current  projects include:

  • Brain Health First Aid Classes
  • A collaboration with Life is Good Playmakers to bring needed play making skills to members of the community working with stressed and/or traumatized children.
  • Brainstorm Experience is an ongoing series of talks, workshops, and activities designed to engage communities, foster brain health, and end the stigma associated with brain illnesses.
  • The Newtown Yoga Festival

Given yoga’s proven therapeutic effect on the brain by relieving symptoms of trauma, stress and depression as well as it’s role in fostering community engagement, Spark is a perfect fit for our festival.

Please join us for a heart-opening, vibration-raising experience that will revive your spirit, enrich your practice and activate the power of love in your life.

Saturday, August 24, 2019
Newtown Community Center
8 Simpson Street
Newtown, CT 06470

Note:  The Newtown Yoga Festival is a BYOM event – BRING YOUR OWN MAT.  And please bring props (blocks, straps, blankets, meditation cushion, etc.) or anything that makes a good substitute (socks or necktie can be used as a strap!)

Our History

All Volunteer Organization
The Newtown Yoga Festival was formed with the intention of being a healing presence for Newtown and the surrounding communities affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012. Because of the outpouring of support, we shared various yoga tools and techniques with more than 500 participants and donated nearly $14,000 to the Sandy Hook community.

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