Meet the Headliners

Anneke Lucas is an author, speaker, advocate for child sex trafficking victims, founder of the non-profit organization Liberation Prison Yoga and creator of the Unconditional Model.

Her work is based on personal experience of overcoming obstacles on a 30-year journey to mental and physical health after surviving some of the worst atrocities known to humankind before the age of 12. Sold as a young child into a murderous pedophile network by her family, she was dramatically rescued after nearly six years of abuse and torture.  Listen to her TedTalk.

Her healing through psycho-therapy, writing, yoga and meditation were synthesized during a decade of service with incarcerated populations and with survivors of sex trafficking and satanic ritual abuse inside and outside of prisons. Sharing her healing shaped her message for personal and global healing through the Unconditional Model, the new healing modality she developed. The Unconditional Model focuses on providers to be unconditionally present for their clients, students or participants, by using awareness of power dynamics as an entrance point into one’s personal unresolved trauma, to create an egalitarian system within one’s own body-mind system through personal healing, to empathically spread healing awareness to empower others. The global goal of the Unconditional Model is to render the external vertical power structure unnecessary by each person’s personal liberation from dependence on external values and privileges as ego-boosters through increased agency and self-empowerment.

Anneke is currently working on a book about the Unconditional Model, represented by Sam Hyate from the Rights Factory.