This Year’s Theme

This year’s theme is Shift into Freedom. 

As we slow down, listen within, and watch for what might reveal itself, our body’s soulful stories emerge.  All experiences – joyful, sad, traumatic, perhaps even those of our ancestors – are embedded in our cells and muscle fibers, waiting for release.  The healing practices of yoga on and off the mat make it easier to navigate difficult emotions and move forward in life.

The Newtown Yoga Festival is designed to:

  • increase your stress resilience and renew your energy
  • release tension, dispel anxiety, quiet your mind, and help you sleep soundly
  • increase lung capacity, oxygenation, and cardio-respiratory health
  • improve recovery from negative life experiences or trauma
  • connect you to your inner self and others
  • improve relationships and empathic abilities

Yoga helps you sleep better. It helps relieve stress and anxiety.  It improves your balance, strength, and endurance. It cultivates an awareness of your body’s abilities that you can carry over into other sports and into all aspects of your life. Why would you hold yourself back from easy access to all these benefits? Let go of the sense that you have to be good at yoga to do yoga.

These benefits can be enjoyed by everyone!  They are particularly effective for Veterans, Military personnel, survivors of mass disasters, anyone impacted by school attacks, individuals with anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADD, cancer, Lyme disease, lung problems, toxic exposures, and victims of abuse.

Enjoy the process of “undoing” rather than “doing” yoga by using postures, mindful movement, and breath to explore your inner world and receive what the soul is ready to unfold.

Please join us as we turn on the body’s innate healing systems in the most effective, sustainable way to improve mental and physical health.

The Newtown Yoga Festival Committee